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Coins & Paper Money
Oakton Coins & Collectibles is a coin shop so that is our specialty! We buy U.S. or foreign coins and paper money, high or low grade. We also offer free verbal appraisals for individuals, inheritances and estates.

We buy all forms of gold. The line between gold and money is not well defined. Historically gold was often used as money, but today most gold is used for jewelry purposes. Due to all the economic issues in the last few years gold has gained a lot of attention. Although the price moves up and down everyday, being a traded commodity, generally, the gold price is at a high point these days.

Unfortunately, these high prices have created an opportunity for unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of the public. Many fly-by-night stores have popped up all over the Chicago area offering the "highest prices" (lowest) paid, even some people without stores, just traveling around buying (stealing) gold. The absolute worst hustle is the mail-in gold services. Don't trust your wealth to these places. It's your gold, it's your wealth; you should not lose it because you are converting your gold into cash.

Historically, banks are where you would take your gold, silver, etc., but for whatever reason they are no longer in that business, at least not to the general public. Therefore, the local coin shop is the business that is open to the public when it comes to these matters. We are the best pace to sell gold.

We buy all forms of silver. Silver is a metal that holds value, just as gold does. But the majority of gold buyers will not buy or sell silver. A few reasons for this:

1. The testing process is more complicated.
2. The market price for silver tends to move around quicker than gold (either, direction),
3. Refiners do not accept small amounts.

Estate Jewelry & Diamonds
Generally no appointment is needed during regular business hours. The only exceptions are large diamonds (over a carat) & very expensive estate jewlery. We have a trained gemologist on call for that.

We also do consignments, & can help with whole estate liquidations, clean outs and referrals for unusual items.

Can I get a loan?
We are not a pawn shop, so no loans. No electronics, car radios, furniture, or catalytic converters (that's junk yard stuff).

Must be over 18 to sell to us, and must produce valid identification.

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